Time for a Brake

Time for a Brake

Over the course of the winter storage of Cornelius, I noted that a wet spot had started to appear on the back side of the driver’s side backing plate. Once it got warm enough, I pulled the tire and the drum to have a look. Sure enough, the wheel cylinder had developed a leak and was dripping brake fluid into the bearings and thinning the grease as well. Time for some brake work.

Front Driver's Side Brakes Prior to Repair

Front Driver’s Side Brakes Prior to Repair

First item was to clean things up, which took a while – there was quite a lot of grease and gunk covering everything. I ordered and received a replacement brake cylinder and some replacement brake springs (see the “Parts” page for part numbers). Fortunately, the brake shoes seem to have been recently replaced and are in excellent condition. The wheel bearings were also in excellent condition and only needed a thorough cleaning and repacking.

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