We’ve compiled a list of D-2 parts from various sources, primarily the forums at OldIHC. I cannot verify the accuracy of all of the part numbers, although I have referenced and used many of these myself. It is your responsibility to verify the correct part number(s) for your application.

Do you have any corrections and/or additions? Please let us know!


Body and Trim:


International D-2, D-5 Brake Detail

International D-2, D-5 Brake Detail

Brakes and Bearings:

  • Brake Adjuster Springs – HW402
  • Brake Hoses – F3700 or BH3700.
  • Brake Springs – Use part of kit HW7139
  • Brake Shoes – NAPA TS-30 (Note that adjuster spring holes are lower. Use adjuster bolt H1500 in this case)
  • Grease Seals – CR-17557 or National 472179
  • Inner Wheel Bearing – Timken 14130
  • Inner bearing race – 14274
  • Outer Wheel Bearing Timken – 09074
  • Outer bearing race – 09194
  • Small Spring on rear shoe (Try parts of H711 kit)
  • Wheel Cylinders Wagner F14497 or Raybestos WC14497.


International Universal Joint Detail

International Universal Joint Detail


  • Clutch Disk (Rockwell Model RK-10 clutch aka 10TT) – CD5068 from Automotive Friction Co.
  • Clutch Pressure Plate (for Rockwell 10TT) – CA5462 from Automotive Friction Co.
  • Throwout Bearing – Bower-BCA 2005 with 2.0005″ bore, 3.5″ outer diameter, 0.75″ width, CRB-series, and G-2 type
  • Universal Joint – Precision Universal Joints PUJ 53T



  • Fan Belt – C38 from Michigan Industrial Belting (7/8″ x 42″)
  • Manifold Gasket – Victor 16006
  • Oil Filter – WIX 51002
  • Piston Pin – PN161 from Badger
  • Thermostat – 180°F = Stant PN 45368 / 195°F = Stant PN 45369
  • Timing Chain – C-472 found at S.A. Gear (Interchanges – Cloyes, Melling, same #)
  • Water Housing Gasket  – Stant PN 25138


Fuel System:






King Pins:






International D-2, D-5 Rear Axle Detail

International D-2, D-5 Rear Axle Detail