L and R-Series Library

L and R-Series Library

For those of you that used to frequent the previous website – “Restoring Cornelia”, I have great news. I just completed transferring the L and R-Series documents from the site and have created a new “R-Series Library” page for you (contains as much L-Series information as R-Series, though).

In the new library you will find the MT-97 Parts Catalog, an Inter-Sub Manual from 1959, the CTS-11 Service Manual for L-Series Trucks with the CTS-12 R-Series supplements, a Carter YF Service Procedure for rebuilding the carburetor, the CT-62 L-Line Product Information No. 2 Sales Guide, and a Wiring Diagram for R-Series Trucks.

While this website is dedicated to D-Series trucks, there is no reason I cannot keep the R-Series library current with new documents for you as I come across them. If you have any suggestions, or even better, can help by providing new material, please let me know.

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