Test Drive

Test Drive

Well the weather finally cleared this past Thanksgiving weekend and I managed to get Cornelius out for a proper test drive. The skies were sunny and blue, and the temperature was a rare 64 degrees in late November! Susan joined me for no less than 25 miles of country driving, at low speeds and high, up hill and down. Cornelius felt smooth and powerful the entire trip, and the idle stayed smooth and even. Acceleration was smooth, with no hiccups or power fade.

Cornelius Out for Test Drive - November 24, 2017

Cornelius Out for Test Drive – November 24, 2017

So after several weeks of tinkering with the stumbling issue, I am happy to report that the fuel supply was the primary problem (we also solved a vacuum issue which also helped immensely – read older posts to see details) and that it has been solved. It was a VERY enjoyable afternoon.

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