Water Pump

Water Pump

My initial inspection of the water pump did not find any leaks, so I was very happy about that, but I decided to research proper care further. Apparently, a small amount of leakage into the shaft is DESIRED for these older water pumps, and upon further inspection, I was elated to see just that with the pump on Cornelius.

Water Pump Grease Cup - Center, Right Side

Water Pump Grease Cup – Center, Right Side

It is important, however, to keep the shaft of the pump properly lubricated. Toward that end, I found a grease JUST for this purpose – Lubriplate #115 for water pumps. Once I removed the grease cup I found that whatever was being used for grease was drying up, and was also not getting where it needed to be. I removed the grease cup, gave it a thorough cleaning, then packed it with the Lubriplate grease.

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